About me

_mg_0363        ZERRIN TÜRE SÜTCÜ

Born in 1967 in Ankara, I lived and studied in Germany. I graduated from Hacettepe University, Department for Translation and Interpretation in 1989.

During my four years of University training I was running a translation office and serving as a Translator under oath for an Official Notary Public in Ankara.

In 1991 I moved to Istanbul, 1992 I started to work for GateGourmet USAŞ (a former SAS Service Partner). I worked here for 17 years as the Personnel Development Manager, where I was responsible for the training and development of approximately 2000 staff working for Airline Catering and Airport Restaurants. During my career I participated in various training sessions in England, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria which were made and delivered by professional trainers and psychologists. The international company was purchased in 2005 by Turkish Do & Co. and I continued to work there in the same position until 2007 when I resigned to give birth and to continue my professional career as a free-lance trainer.
Some of my certificates as a trainer are :

22.10.1992 – 20.01.1993
Internal Quality Consultant-Trainer and Facilitator Training
The training was organised by SAS Service Partner and was delivered by the English Consulting Company PA in England and took four weeks. The aim was to train Total Quality Management Consultants and Trainers.

13.11.1995 – 19.01.1996
Corporate Trainer Training
It was organised by GateGourmet Head Office and delivered by their training Department together with a Danish Psychologist. It was made up of three sessions, each lasting one week, with some projects in between. The aim was to train professional trainers for GateGourmet companies all over the world.

March 2004 – October 2006
Human behaviour and psychology models from birth to death.
Weekly psychotherapy discussion and learning sessions, delivered by a psychologist and family therapist in Istanbul.

NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Programs
130 hours of NLP Practitioner and 130 hours of NLP Master Training Program delivered by NLP Academy Turkey, a member of FWW Germany and DVNLP. (www.nlpat.com)